This 125 calorie beer is made with all natural real juice and ingredients. Drink it ice cold from sea level to snow caps.

The schweat, the rhythmic rocking, and that aroma. We’re talking about the ebb and flow of tides here… ahhh, that glorious brine! Gnarly waves, shooting off mist, just tangy enough to tingle the tastebuds. JAMMER! Let ‘er rip.

The Story
Lab Notes
Drinking Now
It starts in the backseat of a stifling cab in 2011. We’d just picked up our German Brewmaster from the airport, and it was a hot, schwetty crawl back to the brewery. There’s only one type of formulation for this kind of thirst. Refreshing, spritzy, tangy waves of JAMMER.

Back then we did a series called The Mad Scientists’ Series, where we’d use some far out ingredient or dig up some ridiculous recipe. These days you see goses everywhere — in 2011 they were an oddity, and only really old school craft heads even knew what we were talking about. The original was a draft-only brew that barely made it out of NYC… tasty but needed to be dialed in. We’ve been tweakin’ that jammer every since, getting the pH level, the salinity, and that coriander aroma just right. We want it tart enough to tingle the tastebuds, but not so sour that you can’t throw back a few. It’s the rooftop jammer you can slam all summer.

A refreshing, tart brew balanced with a fruity coriander aroma and a touch of sea salt. Just tangy enough to tingle the tastebuds. Let ‘er rip.

Jacobsen Hand-Harvested Sea Salt is the best, cleanest, finishing salt you can buy. Just a kiss sets off the rest of the flavors of the beer.