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Our Philosophy

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April 25, 2016

Mad Science is the foundation of Sixpoint creativity and defines our formulation. It starts with a solid bedrock of scientific knowledge. Without that, well, it’s simply madness. From there you add a dose of unbridled creativity — free thinking that borders on insanity. The methods are chaotic, but the results are undeniable…

Our philosophy is demonstrated in our formulation. We don’t “reverse-engineer” beers to shoot at established guidelines, like, say, creating a brown ale. Instead, we visualize what a beer could be — how it could taste, smell, look, and feel — and then set out, through a blend of art and science, to create it. Our creativity is not shackled to style guidelines, because style simply has no guidelines. It’s Mad Science.

That’s bold, sure, but hear us out. Societies as we know them formed some 10,000 years ago, as agriculture replaced hunting and gathering. The creation of crude fermented beverages from grain, many historians argue, was one key reason for the abandonment of the nomadic lifestyle. So without beer we’d still be chasing the herds…

Then, realize that beer is a living thing, comprised of live cultures of microorganisms that create its many unique flavors. These living beers have long been downed at pubs, the classic meeting place outside the home — a nexus for anything from politics to music to arts. Sounds like culture to us.