Spice of Life: Nugget Mad Scientists #19: SAHTI Sixpoint SEISon BeerFinder and App Updates Imperial Otis Red Hook Crit Pub is Culture: Sixpoint in the UK Spice of Life: Sorachi Ace Hi-Res Simultap Hi-Res
| April 10th, 2014

Spice of Life: Nugget

A true hop lover’s hop, Nugget provides ample bitterness to classic American styles. Pale Ales and IPAs get their familiar bite, and stouts and barleywines can balance considerable sweetness against Nugget’s bittering. A lot of imperial styles will also use it for its potency. Our Spice of Life brew leads with hop character backed by a clean malt bill. More…

| April 3rd, 2014

Mad Scientists #19: Sahti

For Mad Scientists Series #19 our brewers scoured dusty brewing tombs in ancient catacombs, and pored over old manuscripts by candlelight to unearth the historic recipe for the Finnish Sahti. Well… let’s just say we did our research. More…

| March 27th, 2014

Red Hook Crit ’14

The Red Hook Crit is an annual high speed bike race through the streets of Brooklyn. It started seven years ago, and since our brewery is right down the street, Sixpoint and the Crit have been friends for years. More…

| March 13th, 2014

BeerFinder and App Updates

We introduced the Sixpoint BeerFinder in December, 2012, providing Sixpoint fans a way to find our product wherever it is distributed for the first time. Then, so fans could search for our beer on the go, we released the Sixpoint Mobile App last July. Today we’re proud to introduce the updated BeerFinder. More…

| March 10th, 2014

Imperial Otis


For our very limited release Imperial Otis, we souped up our oatmeal stout recipe and aged it in Willet Bourbon barrels for four months. We then blended it with a small amount of un-oaked Imperial Otis to find balance. It pours black with an extra-dark brown head and is 10.3% ABV. More…

| March 4th, 2014

Pub is Culture: Sixpoint in the UK

Sixpoint is based on the idea that forward-thinking experimentation and formulation is ceaseless, but carried on the shoulders of tradition—and no communal drinking tradition is stronger than that of the British pub. More…

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Events At Sixpoint

  • Brewery Night at Mullanes!
    April 24, 2014 (add this) (map)
    Join us for some beers!
    7:00pm | 71 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217
  • Newport Craft Beer Festival
    April 26, 2014 (add this) (map)
    Saturday, April 26th 2014 at the Great Friends Meeting House in Newport, RI Session One: Noon-3pm Session Two: 4-7pm http://newportcraftbeer.com/
    12:00pm | Great Friends Meeting House, Farewell Street, Newport, RI, United States
  • Thread City Hop Fest
    April 26, 2014 (add this) (map)
    Come party in romantic Willimantic. http://willimanticbrewingcompany.com/hop-fest/
    12:00pm | Willimantic, Windham, CT, United States
  • Rising Pint Brewfest
    May 10, 2014 (add this) (map)
    Back at it again this year... https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rising-Pint-Brewfest/530750456976679
    1:00pm | Rentschler Field, Silver Lane, East Hartford, CT, United States
  • Sixpoint Vision
    Hi-Res Simultap

    Hi-Res Simultap

    The Simultap is the coming together of friends, experts and beer fans from across the country to taste Hi-Res in a Google Hangout. We'll share our experiences with the beer and get to know each other over a glass of great liquid.

    Hi-Res Trailer

    Hi-Res Trailer

    Where the telescope ends,
    the microscope begins.
    Which of the two has
    the grander view?

    Global Warmer Hangout

    Global Warmer Hangout

    In honor of the recent Global Warmer release, Sixpoint Founder and President Shane Welch hosted a Global Tasting of the new brew with beer experts spanning the country and the globe.

    Mad Scientists' Series: Grä	tzer (A.K.A. Grodzisz)

    Mad Scientists' Series: Grätzer (A.K.A. Grodzisz)

    Inside the brewing of Sixpoint's Mad Scientists' series #14 Grätzer (A.K.A. Grodzisz). Brewmaster Jan Matysiak and head brewer Pete Dickson share about investigating and creating the rare smoked-wheat brew.


    Union of the 3Beans

    Three companies in Brooklyn join forces on an ambitious new brewing project amidst the challenges of Hurricane Sandy.