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“Ever heard of Sweet Action…the magazine?”

That short-lived sensation sparked one of our first collaborations—the beer you hold in your hand. Our quest to classify SWEET ACTION has ended; it’s a beer your brain can’t categorize, but instead speaks directly to your palate. Our senses and intuition sometimes conquer rational thought. It’s Mad Science.

The Story
Lab Notes
Drinking Now
If you traced from 2004, you’d see that SWEET ACTION is a representation of our palates at any given point in time… it’s a vibe more so than it was ever one distinct formulation. This version, a juicy, blonde wheat ale, is the latest iteration in that story.

The first brew was for a friend’s party. In three separate phone calls, she requested three different beers. First it was a wheat beer. Then it was a lager because her dad loved ‘em. Then she wanted a pale ale. So we put them all together and fermented it out with a Belgian yeast to 7.2% ABV. It was a super spicy brew with tons of biscuit malt, aromatic malts, and some bitter, dank American hops. This all took place in Madison, Wisconsin.

Then came the infamous photo shoot. A chance encounter in 2004 in Red Hook, BKLYN, led this beer to be served at a launch party for a short lived local magazine. The thing finally had a true namesake, after the magazine: SWEET ACTION.

That might leave you wondering, what exactly is SWEET ACTION? Well, sometimes knowing isn’t everything. Sink one… your palate just gets it.

Since it's part blonde ale, part wheat beer, and part pale ale, you might be wondering, what exactly is Sweet Action? Sink one… your palate just gets it.

Key Ingredients

Early-harvested Simcoe hops give Sweet Action a peachy aroma, while Canadian White Wheat smoothes out the body and gives the beer that hazy look.