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It all started with an epic video game marathon back in 2004.

Rocking blaze-orange homebrew, we saw the foam rings down the glass like tiger stripes. Thousands of batches and tweaks later, the BENGALI still slashes. Tip it back and let gravity do the work. Game on!

The Story
Lab Notes
Drinking Now
We often call BENGALI “the modern interpretation of the original homebrew draft.” But what does that mean? That first homebrew was in 2004. Two of the hop strains in the latest iteration of BENGALI didn’t even exist then! It goes even further than that, though. That original brew was qualitatively dry: meaning that even though there was plenty of sweetness to the beer, the stern bitterness kept the balance right. But IPAs have evolved and so have our palates… and this new Bengali actually doesn’t have much of either. It’s super dry — low residual sweetness — and the hop schedule, combined with these new ingredients, gets us all that satisfying hop aroma, without the sticky bitterness. The BENGALI still slashes, but by the end of the sip, you don’t feel a thing.
Bengali is that go-to IPA you want by the pint. Big tropical hop character up front, super clean, with a dryness on the back end that leaves you wanting more.

Key Ingredients Flaked oats provide a silky texture, while Mandarina Bavaria and Amarillo hops give the beer a huge slash of citrus aroma, without lingering bitterness.