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Zoom in on Hi-Res

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February 18, 2014

UPDATE: For 2015 Hi-Res Click Here

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We crafted HI-RES as a testament to ceaseless, intrepid human nature. RESIN, our first slim can release, is an embodiment of the sticky quintessence of hops. It’s a beer soaked in snappy, energetic bitter compounds. Hi-Res, though a heftier formulation, uses a softer touch. It further clarifies hop perception by displaying a different component of the essential fiber of hops. With massive amounts of late-addition, new-age hops, Hi-Res eschews raw bittering force in favor of lush aroma and hop essence.

It still holds to the spirit of Resin, carrying its heft cleanly, and drinks far easier than its 11.1% ABV and 111 IBUs. A full golden body, and a flavor profile driven by mango and passionfruit notes make Hi-Res a bittersweet ode to hops, and perfect for smooth sipping.

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Check out what the beer community is saying:

sixpoint-hi-res-acclaim-ba (1)

Smell is awesome; dank, tropical fruit, sweet citrus. Just the kind of DIPA I love.

It has flavor and complexity with a world class balance that will only turn heads.

With 111 IBU’s it might seem a little intimidating, but the smooth, balanced bitterness hits exactly the right note for me. This is a Top 10 beer for me.

sixpoint-hi-res-acclaim-ut (1)

Can’t imagine a better DIPA right now!

Bitterness blends into beauty: this is a gem, plain and simple.

If there was a Hall of Fame of Hops this beer would be in it.

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