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Untappd Sixpoint Beast Mode Winners

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March 10, 2015

Our Sixpoint Beast Untappd Photo Contest has come to a close and we’re so proud to announce our prize winners. The outpouring of Love 4 Beasts was seriously astonishing. We narrowed it from hundreds of entries to 23 favorites and then sat down for the debate. After some intense consideration (if it got heated, it was all for the love) we finally got down to our 6 finalists and prize winners.

Let’s go over some of the most creative entries that didn’t quite make the cut. There were demonic guinea pigs and haunting crows…


This one dude was hauling a BIG @$$ turtle…


There was some really excellent photography:


Seriously, everyone was going beast mode…


And we really liked this here chicken, too.

But there can only be 6 winners! So…

Without further ado…

the-winners-are (1)

#6 A stately, Beastly necklace adorns the aptly named Maximus.


#5 Elvis here representing BKLYN and Beast Mode in style.


#4 “Fetch my slippers, and a BEAST MODE from the fridge…”


#3 A calm BEAST and a beautiful pour.


#2 Epic post-mud-run shot with a surprisingly clean pup came in a close second…


#1 Our grand prize winner!


Something about the symmetry here… the dogs face, the nicely positioned can, and the tranquility of the pose did it for us. This dope shot also got the most likes on our Instagram to date, 1400+ and counting. Great photo, beautiful beast, and congratulations Kevin!



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