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Tools of the Trade: Medusa

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April 26, 2013

This week, it’s another installment of the Tools of the Trade series, and the renovations in the name of innovation keep coming. The Red Hook brewery is a small space that still bears the marks of Sixpoint’s humble beginnings, and undergoes changes and upgrades rather often. To work efficiently the brew-crew needs to take a pragmatic approach—favoring grace and ease of use over flash or style. Lego blocks are piled on one another without disturbing the rest.

Pete and the Mash

Sixpoint Head Brewer and Brew House Manager Pete Dickson recently upgraded the racking system, re-positioning and re-plumbing “Medusa” – the aptly named eight-headed keg filler, which adds flexibility and speed to the kegging process. And no, staring directly at her while she fills doesn’t turn the beer to stone (unless we happen to be kegging the Brownstone that day).


Another efficiency upgrade came in the form of a new air compressor. Pete said, “the old behemoth that was our workhorse was limping along after Sandy, and she finally moved on to greener pastures.” The team slapped in a brand-new vertical tank, though not without a few tears shed reminiscing about the trusty steed’s better days.

Danny Hugs the Tank

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a discussion of yeast brinks and new fermentation tanks. Really, it’ll be cool.