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The Harbinger

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March 5, 2013

The Harbinger. An effervescent, straw-yellow brew, with complex notes of wheat, citrus, cinnamon, cloves and white pepper, crowned with a lusty foam topper— the sure sign of spring.

The HarbingerSaisons were quenching and aromatic beers brewed by farmers during the winter months with the help of laborers who tilled the soil in the summer. The crisp refreshment of these farmhouse ales heralded the warm months to come, and they were stored away until the summer. Sixpoint fans, however, have cause for celebration; Harbinger is out now, sprouting from Brooklyn and sowing seeds of floral rebirth across the Sixpoint network. Consider the mouthwatering lemon-clove aroma alongside defrosting earth and budding flowers as the smells portending winter’s close. Juicy hops and intricate spiciness, from a unique Belgian-French yeast strain obtained solely for this brew, create a spring bouquet and a lasting freshness. The Mad Scientists’ work is never done, so this year’s Harbinger has a higher ABV and more IBUs, leading to a fuller, more flavorful brew. Enjoy it on draft immediately.

Pete Dickson and the HarbingerHead Brewer Pete Dickson calls it, “a classic frothy, tart and spicy Saison, but also hoppy and bold—a Mad Scientists’ take on the French Farmhouse Ale.”

A precursor to a lush spring soon to be upon us, Harbinger has arrived.

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