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Tasting Global

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November 19, 2013


In honor of the recent Global Warmer release, Sixpoint Founder and President Shane Welch hosted a Global Tasting of the new brew with beer experts spanning the country and the globe. While it was not strictly global as in worldwide, the tasting did include beer personalities from across the USA and also Brazil. The tasting’s aim was twofold— to extend the conversation about the shifting state of winter beer, and to embrace ways in which technology facilitates shared experiences. Beer is Culture, and technology extends that culture across many time zones.

The Tasters

Our participants were both amateur and professional, and each brought a vibrant story to the table (click names for intros):


Steph Byce Chicago, Illinois

 norman-miller-avatar Norman Miller Framingham, Massachusetts
 kathia-zanatta-avatar Kathia Zanatta São Paulo, Brazil
 james-bonomo-avatar James Bonomo Portland, Oregon

Jan Matysiak

Braumeister Sixpoint Brewery

 chris-steltz-avatar Chris Steltz Harrisburg, PA
 ashley-rouston-avatar Ashley Rouston Oakland, California
 adam-zuniga-avatar Adam Zuniga New York, New York

Shane Welch

President/Founder Sixpoint Brewery

Key Moments

It was an hour of great beer talk, so buckle up and watch the whole thing if you have time, but we’ve outlined some of our favorite moments here:

First impressions of the beer begin.

Adam and Shane talk hop specifics, breeding and strains.

Jan talks about his beer creation goals and what balance in a beer means. 

Ashley and Shane discuss the effect of house yeast, and beers that are “brothers of another mother.”

James and Shane talk about a beer that served as a bit of inspiration for the Global Warmer, and Shane tells the story of how 30-year-old yeast made it into that beer.

Shane and Jan discuss how the recipe might be tweaked next year, creepers, and the constant struggle to reach the pinnacle of brewing.

Shane poses the question… what are your favorite winter beers?


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