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Spice of Life: Glacier

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May 31, 2013

Hops, whether vibrant or dank, grassy or tropical, clean or bold, are the great brewer’s spice. They hail from all corners of the world, enlivening man’s most prized beverage – wherever Beer is Culture, hops are surely the Spice of Life.

Collage of Hops

The Spice of Life series is a controlled experiment of a singular focus, designed to afford the Sixpoint fan an opportunity to taste and differentiate hops’ many resinous flavors.

The Sixpoint brew team created a straightforward and clean American IPA, simply crafted with two malts and only a single rotating hop strain. At a rather gentle 5.7% ABV, the brew is fermented dry to accentuate hop flavor and aroma, clearly isolating the unique flavors of hop varietals.

The current Spice of Life series used varietals that spanned the globe – from Riwaka, a piney, grapefruity New Zealand hop with Czech ancestry, to Wakatu, a particularly bold New Zealand strain of mostly German origin, unique for its sweet mixture of vanilla and pine, to Chinook, one of the classic American hops that offers a blast of complex fruit and pine.

Glacier Up Close

The last Spice of Life edition from the 2012-13 calendar, Glacier, has just been released. The Glacier hop is the product of nine different strains of hops and has primarily German and English leanings. This carefully created strain provides light citrus, fruit and floral notes, some earthy English underpinnings, and a very refined, gently perceived bitterness. It is also herbal, woody, and vastly complex.

And, as Glacier is the final Spice of Life hop from the current calendar, we’re proud to unveil an all-new schedule for the upcoming year! Kicking off next month’s selection is the Galaxy hop – Galaxy is known to be intense, even pungent, and display rich passion fruit, citrus, apricot, melon and black currant notes. Other selections include Moteuka, which is a cross between Czech Saaz and New Zealand hops, and is highlighted by lemon-lime flavors, as well as Ella, a sweet and floral hop with bold lemon and apricot notes. Next year’s exciting calendar also features craft beer standouts like Citra, Sorachi Ace and Simcoe, so be sure to see how the newcomers stack up.

2013 - 2014 Spice of Life Calendar

Here’s to a new year of hops, even spicier than the last.