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Sixpointer BeerFinder

Published On
December 7, 2012

Looking for Bengali in Bangor? Apollo in Austin? Crisp in Chicago? Righteous in Rhode Island?

Then come check out our new, easy to use BeerFinder. Sixpoint availability can be tricky to predict, given our six “core” selections, four seasonals and the high demand for our specialty offerings. We all know the feeling—your eyes snap open as you remember that Diesel was just released, but you have no idea where it’s being sold. Or you’re suddenly consumed by the recollection that you haven’t had a tall, cool pint of Brownstone in ages. Well, fear not brave citizens. Our brand new web utility, your lantern in the fog, is now live at Simply enter your zipcode and beer of choice to find availability at bars, restaurants and stores. Looking for Resin in Richmond? No problem! With the Sixpointer BeerFinder you can also request the offerings currently unavailable in your area, so the right beers can find their way to the right places.

Rejoice, Sixpoint fans, the BeerFinder has arrived!