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Sixpoint at Winter Jazz Fest 2015

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January 6, 2015

NYC Winter Jazz Fest is a modern improvised jazz bash, and one of the best runs of jazz concerts in the country. Electric crowds go wild while some of the finest jazz musicians in NYC and beyond jam out. The Mad Scientists are no stranger to improvisation — we love beers that weave between styles, never quite settling, never playing by the book. Take our latest Mad Scientist beer, LUMP, which is something like part-robust porter, part-black IPA and part-fruit beer. Or Sweet Action, which is part-pale ale, part-cream, and part-wheat beer. So it’s only natural that we love Jazz Fest.

Sixpoint will pour at every event of the three day extravaganza, spanning the 100 acts and 500 musicians who will play this year’s Jazzfest. At Judson Church, Players Theatre and Greenwich Music Hall it’s a complete Mad Scientist takeover – all Sixpoint brew, all fest. $20 gets you a voucher for a 4-pack!


Click the pictures to link to each night’s schedule, and the whole thing can be found here. Also, check our little nano-keg jam sesh with Bobby Previte from last year:

Note: the info about Bobby is from last year’s Fest.