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Sixpoint Tall Pilz Glass

Published On
May 20, 2015


One thing we love about The CRISP is versatility… we’ve always been fascinated by the different experiences you can have from one liquid. When you’re chillin’ on a hot afternoon, or thirsty after some sports, it’s a crusher right out of the cooler, snapped open and tossed back ice cold. At that temp, pure hop aroma rushes from the can, along with tight carb and a dry finish for extra crisp refreshment. Now, when the CRISP is poured into a glass, or served on draft (at ~40~ degrees F) you’ll release some carbonation, get more maltiness and complexity, a little softer mouthfeel, and more dimensions to the aroma and flavor. You’ll notice some honey and biscuit malt flavors poking around, along with those citrusy, floral hops.


That’s the presentation you see here in our Tall Pilz Glass from Spiegelau. Those guys are famous for their specialty craft beer glasses, and especially their famous IPA glass. Pilz, the O.G. hopped-up, cave-aged sauce deserves the same treatment. Bright, clear Pilz poured high into this extra-fine satin-etched flute? Now #thatsCRISP. It’s Mad Science.