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Sixpoint Stadium

Published On
June 12, 2014

The World Cup is the pinnacle of the planet’s most popular sport played out on its biggest stage, so the Mad Scientists have crafted a brew designed not to distract from the games, but to compliment their viewing. Stadium is a beer to drink during the excitement of world-class matches, in between singing fútbol songs and anthems from every corner of the world. Every team has a vibrant voice in NYC. And Beer, as always, is found at the crossroads of Culture.
Sixpoint Stadium may just be our most easy drinking beer. Brewed with lager yeast for a clean taste, it also draws on history — the beer aligns with the Early American and Mexican tradition of fermenting corn, and utilizing its subtle sweetness as a part of the flavor profile. It draws on Sixpoint history as well, as the recipe was formulated with the knowledge of #11 in our Mad Scientists Series. Stadium is lightly hopped, and brewed for by-the-pint consumption in front of the biggest games. It’s a small-batch draft release, available at the below locations for the World Cup.