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Sixpoint Oktoberfest

Published On
September 17, 2015

2015 UPDATE – September 18th and 19th: Sixpoint on Stone Oktoberfest is set to be nuts this year. It’s one of our absolute favorite events for a few years running now, and the whole crew is turning out. We brewed up tons of smooth, toasty, caramel-y lager to fill into stein after stein. If you’ve been before you know the drill – firkins tap Friday evening, Saturday goes noon till late. Hoisting contests are a must. Tunes jamming, great food, great beer…. see you then.


2014 Post: It’s Oktoberfest time at Sixpoint, and we’re celebrating in high style with a day-long festival on New York’s historic Stone Street in lower Manhattan. Steins start filling at noon on Saturday and stay hoisted late into the night. 


Last year, Oktoberfest on historic Stone Street was epic, with tons of great vibes and great brew, plus an impromptu hoisting contest. This year we’re doing it even bigger, with a keg tapping on Friday night, October 3rd, and then the big event on Saturday, October 4th. Our annual Oktoberfest lager will accompany the live German Oompah music, live brewing demonstration from Bitter and Esters, and traditional German fare from the Stone Street restaurants.


Boo Yah

Before refrigeration and modern sanitation, German brewing ceased in the summer months. The beers would ferment too quickly, taste off, or get infected. Oktoberfest lagers are a classic German style, and a product of the wise decision to brew in the spring and fall, as well as the ancient Mad Science of lagering.  Oktoberfest beers (also known as Märzen, since they were brewed in March) were brewed in early spring and cold stored (or “lagered) in deep icy caves during the summer. When the first barrels were tapped in the fall, and the beer flowed freely, the people rejoiced.


Our Oktoberfest brew is rich, copper and toasty, with delicate German hops for balance. Long lagering time makes the flavor extra clean, creating a rich yet easy drinking beer for quaffing by the liter. This year’s brew comes in at 5.3% ABV. It’s perfect for fall in NYC.

The “Bier Ist Kultur” Steins are available at our Merch Cellar.