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Sixpoint Beer Dust

Published On
April 1, 2015

Announcing the new line of unconventional goodies from the Mad Scientists, Sixpoint Beer Dust represents the first foray into powdered products from a Craft Brewery following government approval of powdered alcohol on March 10, 2015.


The first part of the Sixpoint range introduced into the Beer Dust format will be Sixpoint’s core (year-round) beers, including Sweet Action, Bengali, The Crisp and the hoppy Resin.  The powdered, dehydrated beers will come in loose packets of .32 OZ, or 9 Grams – and can be ingested after being reconstituted with water, or any other beverage.

beerdust-sweet-action-b beerdust-resin-b
beerdust-crisp-b beerdust-bengali-b

“With the Craft Beer shelves crowded with so many styles, we wanted to find a product that could reach people outside the beer cooler.” says Aaron Ekroth, Sixpoint’s Creative Director. “With the development of Sixpoint Beer Dust, people will be able to take their beer wherever they want, without the need for bottles, cans, or even refrigeration.”

As with other Sixpoint Beer offerings, you’ll be able to locate Sixpoint Beer Dust on the Sixpoint App ( starting on 1 April of 2016.