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Sixpoint Barrel-Aged SIGNAL Smoked IPA

Published On
April 29, 2015


Signal IPA is a hybrid formulation that combines smoky malt and aromatic hops. And now the Mad Scientists have struck again – taking it to the next level with bourbon barrel-aging and batch-blending. In the original Signal, the savory, bacony, smoky notes combine with juicy hops to create wholly unique flavor combination. For the barrel-aged version, we scaled the recipe up to 8.2% ABV and aged it for four months in JD Willet Bourbon barrels. Smoke, wood, hops and bourbon come together with a creamy, full texture that gives to a dry finish.


JD Willet Bourbon barrels during blending

For Barrel-Aged Signal, we blended the brew to get the best of both worlds. One batch was aged in bourbon barrels, so it picked up notes of oak, vanilla and bourbon. Then, after aging, we brewed a fresh batch that shines with juicy hops and fresh smoke. We slammed ’em together and the result has layer after layer of nuance. Brewing Manager Heather McReynolds notes that this aged Signal reminds her “a bit of mulled cider… fruity with apple, oak and smoked pork notes. Crazy complex.

Signal was originally created as the ultimate BBQ meat pairing for killer events, like Meatopia and Pig Island. It’s a crazy good ‘food beer,’ and the barrel aged version is eye-popping with wood smoked meats. We’ve also been downing goblets of it with grilled chicken or eggplant-topped pizza around the brewhouse and office. Find it around NYC and beyond with the Sixpoint Mobile App.


Where there’s smoked malt…

Imagine crushing a beer, sipping a whiskey, and feasting on BBQ around a campfire. That’s Barrel-Aged Signal.

Find it with the Sixpoint Mobile App.