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Sixpoint Abigale Short Film

Published On
March 25, 2015


The recipe formulation started with numerous homebrews back in the late 90s. As the Sixpoint Star started to shine and the Mad Scientists gained knowledge, that early homebrew inspiration became a canned release, and finally culminated in this revelatory trip inside the Belgian Abbeys.
Founder and Formulator Shane Welch discusses brewing techniques, traditional styles and the special ingredient we used for the elixir, which serves as a key to Abigale’s potency.

We also caught up with beer sage Stan “The Man” Hieronymous, who helped provide context for the history of brewing in Belgium. He’s the author of Brew Like a Monk and one of the foremost stateside Belgian Beer experts.
Watch as we go inside the Abbeys, share beers with monks and capture the spirit of the monasteries (along with American craft-style innovation!) in 12 oz stained-glass cans. You can find Abigale across our network now with the Sixpoint Mobile App.


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