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Game On: Sensi Harvester

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September 16, 2014

We’re proud to introduce the newest addition to the Sixpoint App… Sensi Harvester. 


In anticipation of SENSI HARVEST we’ve built this throwback, classic arcade game with old school graphics, that takes you right out into the fields. Sensi Harvester, Sixpoint’s first ever beer-based video game, is only available on our Mobile App. Catch hops, win trophies, and become a Sensi Sensei.


SENSI HARVEST is about getting you as close to the hop fields as possible. We take a  journey to the fields – so you don’t have to – to put that experience directly into the beer. That’s why we spirit mountains of freshly picked hops directly into SENSI HARVEST in a matter of hours. The taste and aroma reflect the freshness, as Fabian Beller, our man in charge of brewing the SENSI, attests:

“A wet-hopped beer has a taste and aroma close to what you experience when you pull a hop off the bine and break it open with your fingers. Or when you put your face in a fistful of freshly picked hops.”

The best place to find SENSI, and all of our beers, is also on our app (but we’re sure you knew that already.) Heck, you might even be reading this on the app, since the blog is embedded there too.


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