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September 26, 2014

Sensi HarvestSENSI HARVEST carries you straight to the source… this wet-hopped ale is the closest thing to walking the hop fields at harvest time. “Sensi” means “seedless,” in reference to the seedless hop cones we use to wet-hop the brew. SENSI is available in six-packs and on draft beginning this week.

Wet-hopping is different from other brewing… it is an agricultural race against time. Once the ripe and juicy hops are plucked from the bine they only have 24 hours to be used fresh or they must be cooled and/or processed for later production. But we put these fresh hops directly into SENSI, and the result is a seasonal delicacy only available at harvest time.

This extra effort is well worth it — our brewers note some remarkable differences in wet-hopped beer. Sixpoint’s Fabian Beller says that when you crack open a can of SENSI, “it is like the smell of tearing open a freshly picked cone, or putting your face into a fistful of hops.” That’s the SENSI experience.

Here is the video narrative of Sixpoint working directly with hop growers. Travel inside the tank as we prepare the beer for wet-hopping:

Ever wonder what it’s like to catch hops from the bine as they fall into the hop truck? There’s an app for that! In honor of the Sensi release, and a product of the creative labs at Sixpoint, we’ve also created an arcade-style game that allows you to catch the falling fresh hops like a Yakima hop rancher. Head out to the fields, catch hops and become a Sensi Sensei. “Sensi Harvester” is only on the Sixpoint App.

Sensi Harvester is the newest feature of our Mobile App, which we have been consistently improving since we released it last year. Besides the all-new arcade game, it features a Mobile Beer Finder, information on tons of Sixpoint beers, an Untappd feed of who’s drinking our brews, and our blog, along with loads of other features. Keep up with us by downloading it here:

Shane Welch, President & Founder of Sixpoint (and certified hop-hound) notes:

“This is the ultimate farm-to-table beer for our fans. After over a year of work with pilot batches and formulations, for SENSI we created a lighter ABV beer to allow hops to shine, without being overpowered by malt or alcohol. The result is a bottomlessly quaffable beer with a tantalizing perfume… it’s like parachuting into a Yakima hop farm.”