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Sensi 2015 Wet Hop Ale

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October 5, 2015

The Mad Scientists make a pilgrimage to the hop motherland during harvest time to experience ripe hop cones in their freshest form. Pulled right off the bines, and never processed or dried, these juicy cones go straight into SENSI. It’s an incredible moment, witnessing hop cones at peak maturity… smelling them at their most fragrant… and it can only be experienced at the hop harvest. (Or by drinking a SENSI.)

Our wet-hop beers are, by nature, our most seasonally dependent. We’ve commemorated that fact by updating the recipe for SENSI 2015, the latest iteration in Sixpoint wet-hop brews. Our 2015 vintage features Cascade and Amarillo wet-hops and an increase in ABV, to 6.3%.


What are Wet Hops??

Like most any plant or spice, hop flowers begin to wilt soon after they are harvested. To preserve the essential flavors, most hops used year round have been dried and pelletized. Beers made with dried hops and pellets are obviously amazing, but there are certain intrinsic qualities and flavors of wet-hops that are inevitably altered in the hop kilns. That’s why we rush-deliver mountains of just picked hops from bine to beer in under 24 hours. Crack open SENSI and be transported out to the hop fields. SENSI 2015 is this year’s hop harvest captured in a can… the closest thing to standing in Yakima, watching the swinging bines.

Note: you can get the full rundown on dry, wet, dried and pelletized hops HERE.

Sometimes, lost in brewing is the agricultural nature of the process. Beer ends up on the shelf in a slick, clean package, but the dirty work of farmers in the field is easy to forget. But we have to remember… beer, at its heart, is an agricultural product. If you have the best ingredients, you can make the best beer.


That’s why for Sensi 2015 we went directly to the source. Instead of going through a vendor, we shipped 725 pounds of Amarillo hops directly from Double R Hop farm, which we consider to be the best source of Amarillo in the world.

sixpoint-sleek-6pk-mock-sensi-2015When we saw those cones this year, it had to happen. It’s Mad Science.


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