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RESIN Now in Six-Packs

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October 30, 2014

RESIN is our liquid ode to hop extraction. It’s the original Mad Scientists’ slim can, and we’re pumped to announce that it’s now in six-packs. The updated look reflects subtle, incremental changes we’ve made to the formulation during our endless search to improve the brew over the past 2 years. The six-pack is complementary to the other Sixpoint six-packs on the market, and features our distinctive design.


We heard from hopheads around the country that they’d love to see RESIN in a sixer, and we’re always down to bust out even more tasty, hop-laden suds. Especially since switching to the six-pack format should provide a better price per ounce. You’ll also see RESIN’s IIPA style moniker on the side of the package, for those few poor souls unfamiliar with RESIN. President and Founder Shane Welch commented on the new package:

“We think of this as the latest reincarnation of a customer favorite. At Sixpoint it’s in our DNA to constantly innovate, formulate, and progress our formulations and packaging forward. Our customers point us in the right direction, and we will guide them from that point onward!”


We dropped the news on BeerAdvocate, and some hardcore hop hounds are getting real jazzed up about it… check out the hop fever.

The formulations won’t stop here! Cheers to a better price per ounce, and even more RESIN.


You can also find RESIN’s proprietary goblet at our merch cellar, and use our app to track it down wherever you go.

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