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May 1, 2014

We released 3Beans last January, and, after a brazen run assaulting palates, it disappeared like a Nordic warrior into blinding snows. This year, a limited draft version has re-emerged, after months aging in bourbon barrels. Light notes of oak, whiskey and vanilla add another layer of complexity to the hefty, 10% ABV brown-black brew. “Re-Beans,” as some of the brew team has started calling it, is available on draft on a very limited basis.


3Beans is a union of crafts triangulated around a classic beer style rich in history, the Baltic Porter. With grains often few and far between in cold northern European climates, hearty romano beans were used in the mash of these strong black beers. Some extra proteins in the beans also helped to smooth out the powerful style.


With cacao husks from Mast Brothers Chocolate and a cold brew infusion from Stumptown Coffee, we’ve turned this Baltic style into a BKLYN amalgamation, with ingredients which continue the existing flavor profile of the strong porter. Cacao husks provide chocolate flavor without the fatty oils of the nib, which can complicate the brewing process. A cold brew infusion is ideal for powerful coffee flavor without diluting the beer or adding unwanted bitterness.


Find 3Beans on the Sixpoint Mobile App. It won’t be around for long.

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