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Our Favorite ‘Beasts For Beer’

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March 21, 2012

We’ve posted the full beer list of special brews we’ll be sharing at Beer For Beasts next weekend, with detail on each one’s style and inspiration. But since this event itself was inspired by our love for beastly mutts, we thought we’d share some of these “beasts for beer,” too. A good number of the staff at Sixpoint are proud owners of pets, many of them adopted from shelters. Here’s our gallery of best pals.

New Jersey sales rep Justin Harm’s Australian Shepherd mix is a sweet beast named Barley.

 And this Barley is the beloved rescued Border Collie mix of Founder/President Shane Welch.

Sixpoint Sara has seven cats: three kittens adopted from a no-kill shelter, a black-and-white calico cat that was given away at a grocery store, and three others that “just kinda found us.”

Ozzie gets down with the NYPD Fire Department. This Cocker Spaniel is Jeff Gorlechen’s best friend of eight years.

Jersey Dan is happily “doggie uncle” to Lucky, a Chocolate Lab that his roommate saved from a rescue shelter.

Bogie and Ko-Ko were both rescued from New York City shelters by Creative Director Aaron Ekroth and his wife.

Grrr! Shane and Cathy adopted little Chinook to be friends with Barley. He was discovered underneath a truck as a puppy and placed in a foster shelter before being adopted.

Braumeister Jan Matysiak takes the cake for having four rescue dogs: Rogue, Brina, Buddy and Wusler. These pooches relocated to New York from Texas along with the family recently, and are digging it so far.

Aaron’s late dog, Casey, is enshrined on this mug. He’ll always be remembered!

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