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Brooklyn Craft Brewers Jam at WNYC’s Greenespace

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July 16, 2011


There have been a lot of events in honor of July Good Beer Month so far, but perhaps few as enlightening as last night’s. Sixpoint was proud to represent on a lively panel discussion at the WNYC live performance studio, the Greenespace. Jeff Gorlechen, our Promotions Director and veteran “dad” about the brewery, sat alongside Kelly Taylor of Kelso Brewery, and Robin Ottoway of Brooklyn Brewery, while Edible Brooklyn‘s editor Rachel Wharton chimed in and Jimmy Carbone of Jimmy’s No. 43 led the talk.

The sort-of serious affair was heightened with tons of beer on hand from these neighboring breweries, two local bands who performed live, and lots of meat that Jimmy brought along. But we dare say the meat of the matter was the discussion on the larger picture of craft brewing in NYC, and beyond. Some of the questions taken from the audience included: Are you looking to expand to the West Coast? What steps are you doing to make your business more sustainable? What is your favorite beer?

Afterwards, a handful of attendees, speakers and hosts went to Jimmy’s No. 43 to continue the talks. There was a heated debate at our table (with Rachel, Jeff, Jimmy and a few friends) over whether or not Sixpoint’s greenroof garden was considered a sustainability step. The short answer was no, it is a tangential workspace hobby that does not infringe upon our environment impact, at least concerning the production of actual beer — what we make. If we were to sell heirloom tomatoes instead of that, perhaps… or if we were able to grow as much hops as it takes to brew a batch. So let it be known now that Sixpoint has no illusions about greening up our act merely by our greenroof. Then, our table got into a heated discussion about how well-cooked (or not) burgers should be.

Want to hear what was said on the panel about all that, and more, though? You too can soon watch the whole webcast on WNYC here.

Hope to see you at the end of the month for the tasting event, Good Beer at BAM, now in its third annual enactment, the crown jewel of July Good Beer Month.

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