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Nothing But Dads: Father’s Day Merch

Published On
June 15, 2015

Maybe you haven’t gotten your dad anything, but Father’s Day isn’t for a while, right? Well, it’s Sunday, June 21st (but you knew that already).

The Mad Scientists have got you covered. We’ve been working double time in our Merch lab cooking up all kinds of new gear:

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 2.04.21 PM

Does your dad want glassware? We’ve introduced 2 new glasses, designed in-house, over the past month. He’ll need somewhere to put all this gorgeous new glass, so we’ve created leather coasters with the guys at Tanner Goods in Portland.

We also designed a new 5-panel hat in orange, brown and cream. Picture pops sluggin a RESIN with that cap on… he’ll look a full ten years younger.

The Mad Scientists didn’t stop there… we also worked with Oxford Pennant to create the Sixpoint Culture Pennant. Great for any man-cave. Or woman-cave. (Note: doesn’t have to be hung in a cave).


Look out for Jammer’s second wave! It’s our first ever back-to-back Cycliquids brew and we put #InstaJammer on the code dates of the second brew. To celebrate, we’re dropping even more Jammer gear for the summer. On top of the Wave Can Glass, the official proprietary Sixpoint Gose vessel, we’ve got tanks and tees with a custom wave pocket and JAMMER blazed on the back. “File these under J.”


The Mad Scientists continue to formulate, so stay tuned for more creations in the months to come!