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New World and Sixpoint Farmside Beer Dinner

Published On
July 16, 2013

This July, Sixpoint went up to the Hudson Valley to team up with two-time Chopped champion Chef Ric Orlando and New World Home Cooking for a six course, six-Sixpoint beer collaborative feast. New World is a farm-to-table restaurant in Saugerties, New York that is innovative and concerned about the community in which it operates – in short, a perfect ideological match.


Ric’s insistence on local ingredients and “clean food” mirrors the community-based approach Sixpoint adheres to with Brooklyn events like Beer For Beasts.  New World, with eight draft lines of strictly New York and Vermont brews, is also committed to local craft beer. And just as our brewers push creative boundaries with beers like the Mad Scientist Series, Chef Ric uses unusual combinations and flavor pairings to create remarkable culinary experiences.


Take the six-foot chocolate sub that was paired with 3Beans to cap off the meal; it featured curried cashews, diced figs and dark chocolate, a remarkable match with our dark, strong ale brewed with cocoa nibs and infused with coffee. The figs pick up on dark fruit flavors, spice from curry and chili aligns with the higher alcohol content, and the chocolate blends into rich chocolate notes in the beer. Unusual at first glance, but prepared with thoughtful consideration and great results – creativity at its finest.


Ric and his team grilled over a wood fire as diners relaxed in New World’s backyard. The dinner began with a spicy clams and kimchi dish paired with The Crisp to quench the flames. The next course was lobsterballs in a bit of Apollo based sauce, paired with our sparkling Bavarian Wheat. The third course was pesto-stuffed quail, a bitingly savory dish brightened by our Righteous Ale, followed by bleu cheese on char-grilled rye bread with beets and carrots. The nutty, rustic notes of Brownstone wrapped up in the earthy flavors of the veggies, and the bright hoppiness cut the richness of the cheese. The dish was also spiced with diced hop leaves,  straight from Ric’s own garden, whose vines crawl up the side of the restaurant. As Ric explained, a century ago the property New World rests on grew acres of German hops – the use of which added further harmony to the pairing. And then came the main course, steak and potatoes in a black trumpet mushroom sauce. Resin’s huge malt withstood the boldness of the steak and pine and citrus notes shone through the dark sauce.  It all finished with 3Beans and pain au chocolat.


The pairing dinner was fantastic; the result of innovation colliding with innovation head on. Look out for more Sixpoint pairing dinners in the future, and maybe even another collaboration with Ric.