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Munich in Manhattan

Published On
October 15, 2013

Our latest formulation, the Oktoberfest lager, has been released in NYC. It was created by Head Brewer Pete Dickson and released on October 5th at Ulysses and The Growler. The brew is 6.6% ABV, malty-sweet, easy drinking, and has quickly became a brew crew favorite.

We took a sneak peek into its production here. For the brew’s release festival on October 5th it was poured into some brand new Sixpoint glassware— bold steins embossed with a German twist on the Sixpoint logo, now available at the merch cellar. They’re called Klankensteins, a throwback to a cool beer project we did a few years ago.

The hefty glass steins are perfect for toasting with friends, and the handle keeps your beer cold while you’re drinking it, an especially helpful feature since the glass holds either a half or full liter! At the Oktoberfest festival, the steins were also used for an epic hoisting contest, which Head Brewer Pete dominated, all while downing some brew of his own creation. Check out another shot of the victory here.

If you’re looking for the Oktoberfest lager, it’s still pouring at Ulysses. The sweet and smooth brew is definitely worth the trip.