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Meet the Finalists! Ryan Paonessa

Published On
May 3, 2011

It’s hard to imagine a time when the concrete jungle we know of as Brooklyn had some pastoral charm. But Ryan Paonessa‘s submission to Beer Is Culture offers a glimpse at this past, when German settlers laid down factories and spread their cultural heritage of… beer. We applaud this submission for the many layers of story and texture woven into a striking design, all sealed with a neighborly handshake. What else does Ryan have to say about it? Let’s meet the designer.

Name: Ryan Paonessa

Age: 26

City: Brooklyn

Occupation: Graphic Designer / Artist

What’s your sauce?

RP: Sweet Action and Righteous Rye

Where did you learn the tricks of your trade?

RP: I learned what not to do during a brief stint at FIT. Mainly self-taught.

Where do you like to draw inspiration for your work? (Places, people, a paycheck… )

RP: I am inspired by good brands (old & new), skateboarding, nature, blank canvases, interiors…

What thoughts, sensations, revelations, or ideas do you hope people take away upon viewing your work?

RP: My goals in life and in my work: organization, simplicity, balance, authenticity, and usefulness.

If you had $1 left and the world was ending tomorrow, what would you spend it on?

RP: If the world was ending I’d spend my last buck on a lucy (or maybe two).

Why do you think “Beer Is Culture”?

RP: “Beer Is Culture” because since when the good stuff was first created it was vital for trade, prayer, and communication. Without beer, some cultures may have never existed (supposedly).

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