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Meet the Finalists: Melissa Schmechel

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May 2, 2011

It’s the last week of Beer Is Culture, our inaugural art and design event! The people have spoken with Facebook “Likes” and chosen their six finalists, which will be whittled down to just one by the end of this week. You can vote for any of the pieces throughout this week to push your favorite one to the top. But while that’s happening, we thought we’d get to know our six finalists a little better through this blog. We’ll be posting a Q&A with each of them throughout the week. Here’s the first! –Ed.


We can really get with the flow of Melissa Schmechel’s great submission. When is it an appropriate time to knock one back? All roads lead to this good fate according to her graphic flowchart, featuring playful fonts and a Sixpoint-pleasing palette. But not just a simple gag, Melissa really captures all the stuff that makes life fun or leisurely in a concise way throughout this chart, and connects these experiences to beer. And leisure time is after all a “must” of culture. Well done!

You can check out Melissa’s work at Darlingville, her online portfolio and design company site. More on the artist below…

Name: Melissa Schmechel

Age: 29

City: Brooklyn

Occupation: Self-Employed Graphic Designer

What’s your sauce?

MS: Bengali Tiger IPA

Where did you learn the tricks of your trade?

MS: I studied art at Smith College and learned my first bits of design at Manifesto Letterpress and Kat Ran Press in Western Massachusetts.

Where do you like to draw inspiration for your work? (Places, people, a paycheck… )

MS: Books, magazines and blogs. Fave inspiration sites: Swiss-Miss, The Die Line, and Dribbble.

What thoughts, sensations, revelations, or ideas do you hope people take away upon viewing your work?

MS: I hope to bring a sense of humor in a well designed package. The world has so much bad design… and seriousness. I want to lighten it up and redesign it; create a more fun, better-looking world.

Thank you for your thoughtful response. And now for a completely inane question, if you had $1 left and the world was ending tomorrow, what would you spend it on?

MS: Probably something chocolate. There’s not much you can buy for a dollar!

Exactly, that’s why it’s tough. Finally, why do you think “Beer Is Culture”?

MS: As my poster demonstrates, beer can be found everywhere and can be the answer to a lot of questions. Therefore, to me, beer is culture.

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