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Meet the Finalists! Jonathan Motzkin

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May 6, 2011

Sometimes a great image is just that, a bold and eye-catching design to capture your attention. But although Jonathan Motzkin’s submission is visually stunning, it’s far from straightforward — you’ll learn how to write “beer” in a few dozen languages from it! Makes us want to use every alphabet to order the beer of choice around the world. We also think it aptly conveys the continuity of at least some things wherever you are. A few of us were lucky enough to bump into and actually meet Jonathan and fellow finalist Melissa Schmechel at a local watering hole recently, so if Brooklyn’s any indication it is a small world… when there’s beer.

Check out Jonathan’s design studio, focused on serving forward-thinking organizations that strive for positive change; a few questions with him, below.

Name: Jonathan Motzkin

Age: 29

City: Brooklyn

Occupation: Graphic Designer

What’s your sauce?

JM: Sweet Action.

Where did you learn the tricks of your trade?

JM: I studied art at Connecticut college and I worked for a couple of ad agencies in San Francisco for a few years before starting my own business. I learned a lot in those environments but I tend to learn the most from general paying attention to the world around me and listening to people I trust.

Where do you like to draw inspiration for your work? (Places, people, a paycheck… )

JM: The environment, books, and other awesome designers, aka

What thoughts, sensations, revelations, or ideas do you hope people take away upon viewing your work?

JM: That beer is universal.

If you had $1 left and the world was ending tomorrow, what would you spend it on?

JM: Probably good food. Though that’s hard to come by for a buck. Maybe a day-old pastry…

Why do you think “Beer Is Culture”?

JM: Well, I wasn’t totally sure but once I saw Melissa Schmechel’s Sixpoint poster I was sold. Beer truly is culture.

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