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Mad Science: The First Steps

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May 15, 2014

Mad Science is fueled by experimentation. At any time in the brewhouse, there are different small-batches, from our twenty gallon “tippy” brewing system, bubbling away wherever we have the space… for testing out new ingredients, practicing brewing techniques and sampling flavor combinations. This spirit of constant creativity is present in every Sixpoint brew.

The knowledge obtained during formulation also has direct benefits for beers we’ve brewed. For example, in our Gruit and Braggot, we used late addition Simcoe to create a spruce flavor which complements the spiced flavor profile of the spiced beers. We learned that Simcoe can be used to emulate spruce from brewing the Spruce Tip Ale way back in June 2012. And for MS #15, the Bel-Jam, we learned in a pilot batch a year earlier that the Belgian yeast strain and raspberry-jalapeno jam worked nicely together.

tippy systum

The tippy system… in all its humble glory

Here’s a look at what we’ve been piloting recently:

01101001 01110000 01100001

Danny Bruckert has a few formulations going, including a double IPA brewed with experimental hop strains. Since all the hop names are something along the lines of “01HC734”, he dubbed it “01101001 01110000 01100001”, which is IPA in binary. To drink it you’re required to pronounce it like Bender:

Or this might even do:


A Creative Team brew somewhere between a small stout and a mild. It’s completely malt forward, and easy drinking at 3.9% ABV. The dark brew uses Maris Otter barley, oats and rye for nutty complexity and sturdy composition.

Soaked and Oaked

Danny brewed a huge tripel with Cascade, Centennial and Chinook hops that will age on Chardonnay oak for a few months. If you had his “Tucking Fripel” at last year’s Beer For Beasts, you know that his Belgian ales are bad ass.

Mad Scientists #20

We brewed up two small batch version of our next Mad Scientist brew, one a strong black porter and the other a scotch ale. More information on the Mad Scientist twist when the beer comes out… just a hint, you might need your snorkeling gear.

tippy brew mad science 3

Knocking out “Damn, Gurl”. Wow great beard on that man in the salmon tee.

Damn, Gurl

Another Creative Team jammer, this time a pale ale brewed with wheat and oats. This one bursts with hop character… late additions of Galaxy and Citra followed by a hefty Citra dry-hop.

tippy brew mad science 1

Blow off tubes staying in place courtesy of Mr. Jerry Rigg

Stay tuned for updates on where these brews end up, future pilot brews, and Mad Scientists Series #20.