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Jazz in your Glass

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January 7, 2014

spontaneous-construction-titleimageFor Winter JazzFest we created Spontaneous Construction, an improv beer inaugurated in 2012. Three of our brewers chose favorite hops and grains, and then selected them from a chalice for various aspects of the brew.

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Utilizing the chance combination of some of their favorite ingredients, the beer they created both captures the spirit of jazz and is pretty fantastic in its own right. It’s an improbable blend between a Märzen, saison and brown ale that would be difficult to envision if the brewers weren’t formulating on the fly. The brew is full bodied, malty and rich, like a brown ale, with the smooth malt character of a Märzen, and spicy notes from the Saison yeast.

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Speaking of the process, Brewer Danny Brucker noted that it “was like we were playing three solos at once in the same room.”

The beer debuts for the start of Jazzfest, January 7th at Le Poisson Rouge. You’ll also find it on draft at Bowery Electric, Groove, Subculture and Judson Church. It’s only available for a short time, so get it while it lasts.


While the brewers were performing, we had jazz great Bobby Previte down at the brewery, rockin’ out. The tanks, cans, and whole brewery became a drum set. Check out his improv performance below, and come to Winter Jazzfest to see him throwing down live.