Jammer from Sea Level to Snow Caps

Jammer is the ultimate beer for all your crazy adventures. It's only 125 calories, super refreshing, and 4% ABV—perfect for activities from sea level to snow caps and everywhere in between. We’re partnering with REI to take your #JammerAdventures to the next level. They take people on awesome trips in NYC and beyond, and now Jammer will be a part of all of that. Select excursions will now end in an exclusive “Jammer Hour” at a nearby bar, first round on Sixpoint.

Check out the list below to find an REI excursion and Jammer Hour near you.


Over the course of the year we're going to be giving away free passes to select REI adventures with Jammer Happy Hours in the New York Metro area.

Three (3) lucky winners will receive a (1) REI/Jammer Adventure with Jammer Hour featured on "sixpoint.com/jammeradventures" for two (2) people.

In addition to the excursion they'll also receive a Jammer swag pack including two (2) water bottles, two (2) t-shirts, and two (2) sunglasses.



The REI adventures in the list below will end at a "Jammer Hour," with the first round on Sixpoint. Jammer is a great beer for a chill beach session, but is just as well suited for a Hudson Valley post-hike refresh or after bouldering in Central Park. Don't see what you're looking for? Check back here frequently as we continue to add more adventures from REIs incredible list of events.

Don't see any Jammer Hours near you? Make your own Jammer Hour! You can use our beerfinder app to find Jammer, Citrus Jammer and the Jammer Session pack near you, and check out REI's local events in your area.