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Jammer is a… Tangy Session Beer

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April 2, 2019

You’ll notice, looking at Jammer’s packaging this year, that something is different.

Up front we want you to know: the beer is the same. We’ve just changed the style to most accurately communicate the beer you’re about to buy when you get Jammer. The Gose moniker has been an ongoing source of confusion for our fans. In many cases, people expect a much more sour beer when they see Gose, because of some contemporary American examples that are very sour. Our goal for Jammer is to make a supremely repeatable beer, with a tartness level that just tingles the tastebuds and creates refreshment you can enjoy any time of the year.

Jammer is brewed like a traditional gose, with a sourness level closer to that of some of the German examples you might see make it stateside. We don’t want people to think Jammer is going to be a very sour beer, just tangy, refreshing, sessionable and super repeatable-with a gentle reminder that it’s still a beer. It’s that simple.

We never listed the calories before, but after formulating the beer we ran some tests, and it turns out Jammer is very low calorie! With the low ABV and low calories, it’s ideal for taking to the beach or as a post workout brew. With that, we’re also happy to announce that Jammer is now a year round core beer for us.