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Hi-Res : Zooming in on Hops

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January 21, 2016

Magnify… Amplify…

The eyeball is the prism that transmits light into image; your palate transmits loads of hop resin and flavor compounds ripping through your brain…

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Let’s talk optics. The study of light, and the eyeball… aka the prism that sends images blasting through your dome like a movie projector. Technology advances, resolution increases, and all of a sudden we can see the bigger picture AND the finer details. We’re increasing the view, in BOTH directions…


We zoomed in microscopic on the hop cone, and actually found a grander view. In Hi-Res, the hop factor was magnified; our perception, fully amplified. And we just kept cranking the dial.

Video: While zooming in on Hi-Res, we spoke with particle physicist Dr. Kyle Cranmer about tiny particles and their forces at work in the universe.

Inside the cone you find the resin; the key to unlocking the power of hops. We dove into the essence of hops, focusing in on potent, delicious, aromatic compounds until our senses could barely handle it. HI-RES reaches the limits, scoffs, and races past them, permanently altering your view. Crack a HI-RES and shatter your scope. It’s Mad Science.