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Green Mountain Man

Published On
May 28, 2014


We’ve brewed a small-batch IPA as clear, fresh and pristine as the Vermont landscape… introducing Green Mountain Man. This piney brew is not to be confused with the Green Mountain Boys, the Vermont and New Hampshire militia formed in the 1760s who defended their land from New York settlers.


Consider this IPA, brewed with Vermont hops and largely shipped to the Green Mountain State, a peace offering of sorts. The Mad Scientists hooked up with our friends at Square Nail Hops Farm in Ferrisburg, Vermont to get 40 lbs of Vermont grown Cascade hops. For full hop character, we used dashes of a few other hop strains, but the Vermont Cascade was included in every hop addition and spearheads the flavor profile.

The large majority of the hops grown in the United States come from Washington state, in the Yakima valley. The northeast is in the early stages of a hop revival, however, with small farms cropping up in Vermont and neighboring areas. As the quality and consistency of these farms improves, more brews with local ingredients and local terroir, like Green Mountain Man, will be possible. For now, enjoy Green Mountain Man while you can — limited ingredients make him a rare site indeed.


The first taste of Green Mountain Man is available at the release party at The Farmhouse in Burlington on Wednesday, May 28th.

It will also be pouring at these premiere beer bars and restaurants around Vermont:
Worthy Burger
Worthy Kitchen
Farmhouse Tap and Grill
Whetstone Station
The Reservoir
Manhattan Pizza
Mad Taco
Three Penny Taproom
Mule Bar