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Epic Holiday Beer Showdown

Published On
December 15, 2014

Sometimes, competition breeds greatness… (sometimes)


Jingle Jangle in front of the official Sixmas tree

The first annual in-house Holiday Beer contest is in full swing here at Sixpoint. Mikey Lenane, Wordsmith and Sometime Keg Washer teamed up with Brewer Keir Hamilton to create Jingle Jangle, a truly epic Belgian style stout with cacao nibs, cranberries, extra dark Belgian candi sugar and a proprietary spice blend. The beer is conditioning now, awaiting first tapping at the Sixpoint Holiday Party and Holiday Season Brew-Off. Belgian esters and a layered dark malt profile, along with roasted nib and berry notes have made Jingle Jangle an early crowd favorite.


Jingle Jangle: berries and nibs in the boil. That’s how greatness is made. Pic courtesy of @thesixpointbrewer

Despite the populace all but crowning Jingle Jangle the surefire winner, Brewer Marcus Lutter is getting in on the action with a roast chestnut brown ale called Charlie’s Chestnut Brown. He says the smooth, roast-n-toasty brew has a legitimate shot at the crown… but early crowd polling suggests otherwise.


Marcus’ mundane idea has the people thinking ‘ho ho ho hum’

Brewers Fabian Beller and Shaun Carney (@shaun_carney) are crafting an entry of their own… another strong Belgian ale, this one with molasses, cinnamon and vanilla, finished on french oak. Referred to by one anonymous source as “a bit overdone”, the beer is not expected to be much of a threat to the powerhouse product of beer brewing’s Dream Team, Jingle Jangle.


Shaun claims the name for his Holiday brew is “Mikey and Keir’s Christmas Beer Sucks, Ours is Better so Only Drink ‘It’ Holiday Belgian-style Special Extravaganza ale” but that isn’t in the Holiday spirit in this writer’s opinion. Not sure it would get past the TTB either.

As with lots of families, tensions can get high during the Holiday Season, and a little ‘friendly’ competition can stoke those flames. Fabian Beller was quoted as saying, “fun? Ha… the Holiday party is not about fun. It’s about domination.” His smile afterwards was nothing short of chilling.


He may look friendly here, but Fabian is über-competitive… especially during Holiday Brew-Offs

At press time, Keir was seen informing Fabian that he could put his Weihenstephan Institute Brewing Degree where the sun don’t shine.

Mikey Lenane
Amateur Keg Washer