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Deer Tick at Brooklyn Bowl: Beer Tick

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December 23, 2014

We’ve crafted a new small-batch brew, “Beer Tick,” as part of a concert series with one of our favorite bands at one of our favorite venues. Starting the day after Christmas, Deer Tick is going to be jamming at Brooklyn Bowl for six straight nights, finishing with a grand finale on New Year’s Eve. The concerts celebrate their 10 year anniversary, and we’ll be serving up zesty, frothy Beer Tick at all of them. These aren’t just normal concerts either – they’ll be performing whole albums from some of their favorite artists, and there will be a host of special guests!

Deer TIck High Res-scaled

Click it for Friday’s livestream

The beer is a lighter bodied, crystal-clear pale ale with orange peel that uses a large portion of rice as its fermentable base It’s a refreshing change of pace from most holiday beers (though classic spiced holiday sippers definitely have their place) – there’s a twang of festive, zesty orange to complement a very clean drinking beer topped with a big frothy head. Great for the laid back vibes of Brooklyn Bowl and chill tunes from Deer Tick.


deer-tick-showlistTickets for the six night takeover are available here. It’s gonna be a six-day epic jamfest, don’t miss out! Friday nights show will also be livestreamed here. Kind of like what we do with our live beer tastings. You can get tickets for all 6 nights at the door each night (approximately 50 per night). Or get advanced tickets here:

Check out one of our favorite tracks (and favorite one-shot reverse slow motion videos) below. These guys are legit.