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Crisp with a Twist

Published On
March 19, 2013

After brewing up a Triple Sweet Action for Beers for Beasts a couple of years back, the Alstrom Bros are back to beefing up Sixpoints, turning the light drinking and quenching Crisp into a formidable Imperial Pilsner. The Killer Crisp turns up the delicate grassy and bready notes of the year-round beer, while its still-drinkable medium body holds off intense German hops for a powerful yet balanced brew. It’s a pilsner worthy of an event that is, as Todd said, “a celebration of things we love and a fundraiser for those that show us unconditional love.”

The Brothers MashBut the Bros didn’t stop there. Using the Killer Crisp as a base, they crafted a second brew that explores a bright, fruity and citrusy dimension that the Crisp doesn’t normally touch upon. Red and pink grapefruits, tangerines, blood oranges, clementines and lemon- plums all went into the Juicy Killer Crisp. Bursting with bright citrus flavor, this juiced-up version takes flavorful pilsner to the next level.

Picking FruitsCutthroat Imperial Pilsners that conceal a 7.6% ABV and amped up noble hops behind soft, bready malts. Infinitely drinkable, these will sneak up on you.