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Craft-A-Brew: RESIN is in

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July 7, 2015

In April 2013 we met Kyle Westfall at one of our favorite bars in Florida, Tap n Grind. We hit it off, and he let us know he was well on his way to creating his homebrew kit, Craft-A-Brew. Then about a year ago we started getting serious about scaling down a Sixpoint formulation for homebrewers to create at home… and today we’re happy to announce the creation of the RESIN Craft-A-Brew Kit.


We love the Craft-A-Brew concept, especially for homebrewers that are just starting out. It can be frustrating to start from scratch trying to make beer, and end up with a few batches that aren’t as awesome as you want. After all, with all the incredible beer out there, who wants to spend the time to make something without the right equipment and know-how to make it great? That’s what makes Craft-A-Brew so fun. You get a delicious recipe and everything you need to make it, so that your first batch has a good chance to be not just something you’re proud of, but something you really love to drink.

Homebrewers and professionals alike can cheers to that.




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