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Coming up for Sixpoint this Fall

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June 27, 2013

What’s up for Sixpoint this Fall?

Autumn is a season of change, with the descending leaves starkly emblematic of the cycle of life. At Sixpoint, too, this fall will usher in some changes. First, we’re very excited about the landslide winner of our yearly Autumnation wet-hop poll, Mosaic.

autumnation_2013_blogimage_3 2

It’s the perfect robust wet hop to usher in our new recipe, which has been retooled to focus on juicy hops and no longer includes pumpkin or other spices. Harvest ales are the ultimate American fall seasonal, since American hops are harvested just once a year.

Mosiac’s victory came as no surprise– as a hop released just last year, it’s the latest experimental varietal to make the leap to commercial brewing and beer lovers are abuzz about its capabilities. Added fresh, with powerful notes of mango, tangerine and even blueberry, it promises to provide a potent and delicious blast to our wet-hop IPA. As it rounds out with soft notes of rose and earthy sweetness you’ll be struck by the depth, complexity, and raw force of its flavor capabilities. The Mad Scientists couldn’t be more excited to brew with it.

On another note, we’re announcing that our Brownstone ale is moving from our Core lineup into Rotational status. Brownstone is a beloved brew, and a foundational Sixpoint original, but we’ve decided to focus on the popularity of the rest of our lineup for the time being. Since the brew may not appear for some time, this serves as a heads up to all the Brownstone lovers: be sure to stock up now!