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Cocoa’s Boob-Job Rager!!!

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February 12, 2015

In November 2014 we got an email about an improbable event called Cocoa’s Boobjob Rager. Don’t get it twisted… it’s a really inspirational story. Cocoa is an Akita mix (she’s a rescue dog so we don’t know her exact lineage) who lives right down the street from our brewery. She’d been struggling with cancerous tumors in her mammary glands for over a year. She needed surgery, but the operation costed over a thousand dollars and Hannah, her owner, needed to raise money to get it done.


Hannah’s truly classic flier

We fell in love with the story, and were lucky enough to be able to help. Hannah reached out to us so we hooked her up with our friends at the Humane Society of NY, our partner for Beer For Beasts. And of course we brought cases of sweet, sweet nectar to help make the party a raging success.


Cocoa, looking good, healing up and still kicking!

Props to Hannah for turning a tough situation into a celebration of culture and beasts! It’s everything we hope to stand for, whether we’re raising money and awareness for animals with events like Beer For Beasts, or just celebrating them with beers like BEAST MODE. The party was legit, the surgery went well and Cocoa is healing up in fine spirits.

Absolute #BeastMode from here on out.