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City Summer Saturdays

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July 10, 2015

Summer is beer drinking season, that’s a well known fact. (Well so is winter tbh. Fall and spring not bad either.) But it’s also beach season, so we obviously gotta get our exercise in.

So these next couple weekends – July 11th and July 18th – we’ve set up some killer active beer events.eblast_headlines_bike
We teamed up with our buddies at Kissena Cycling Club to plan a spin around the city, followed by some brews to round out the day. There’s seriously nothing like a few beers when you really feel like you’ve earned it. Details are below.

(Photos from the Kissena Instagram page)



Then next weekend, July 18th, we’re hosting the famed “Brew Mile.” You’ve got to crush a beer, run a 1/4 mile, then sink another, run some more, repeat, repeat. It’s harder than it sounds… Lance Armstrong even famously dropped out after one lap. And if you end up walking, there’s still a sweet party at the end of the whole thing. Rock on!


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