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Brothers Quinn Rauchbier

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February 4, 2014


Sixpoint was founded on the strength of homebrewing formulation. Before he went professional, our founder, Shane Welch, crafted over 1000 homebrew recipes. Those brews laid the groundwork for many of our current offerings. Beers like Sweet Action could not exist without homebrew proliferation.

At last year’s Homebrew Alley, Head Brewer Pete Dickson selected Jeff Quinn’s rauchbier as the Brewer’s choice for best beer. Pete thought the beer was solidly crafted, with a nice smoky presence that “doesn’t kill your tongue.”


After crowning the beautiful brew the champ, we brought Jeff in to brew a batch on our big system.

The Rauchbier is a German style that dates back to the 1500s, primarily around Bamberg. The beers get their smoky, savory flavors from green malt dried over an open beech wood flame instead of in a kiln. The fire and the aromatic beech wood impart a robust, savory smokiness that tastes and smells of smoked, spiced meat.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 2.29.48 PM

In the Brothers Quinn Rauchbier, a subtle use of ingredients makes the beer exceptional. There is a touch of sweetness, from German malt, balanced by a dry, smoke-enhanced finish. The beer pours beautifully, its tall bone-white head capping a golden brew. The all-German hop bitterness is mild, only present for balance. Smoke, subtle malt sweetness, salty-savory flavors, and a drying finish manage depth and complexity without compromising balance. Even at nearly 7% ABV, the beer is remarkably clean and easy to drink.


The Rauchbier will be pouring at Alewife during Homebrew Alley VIII on Feb 7-8. Come down and support the brewing community.

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