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Drink What You Love

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October 10, 2013

Brooklyn Beta is a conference that brings together entrepreneurs, start-ups and freelancers who are often only connected digitally. The goals of the conference are to unite, inspire, direct and support the community of tech designers, visual artists, and thought leaders in the world of modern creative communications.The conference empowers the attendees to understand the importance of their work and skills, and provides a meeting ground for hundreds of talented, like minded individuals.Beta_Cups
When bringing people together, and celebrating creativity while also facilitating it, Sixpoint brew makes a natural accompaniment. The ultimate social beverage flows freely at Brooklyn Beta, and this year we’ve crafted a new brew, the 6.0 (Six-point-oh), with the help of the conference founders, who do a bit of brewing themselves.

It’s a full flavored mild ale, and, with an ABV below 4%, a true session beer. A good brew for provoking conversation and sparking creative thought, without making attendees tip over in their seats.

The remarkably star-studded lineup featured presentations from the Navy, Rookie Magazine, AirBnB and Etsy.  There were presentations on redefining leadership, about using language to personalize business experiences, and advising companies to strive to create more wealth than they capture. Hilarious comedians were present and performed throughout the last day. Above all, people were brought together and inspired create amazing things. It’s a three day extravaganza based around the collaborative spirit, an integral part of the Sixpoint ideal that we are happy to support.

Learn more about Brooklyn Beta here.