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Where Sixpoint Brewers May Roam

Published On
May 11, 2017

The Mad Scientist Diaspora:

Sixpoint began in 2004 out of a 800 square foot garage brewery in Red Hook, BKLYN. Although the original facility has expanded considerably, we still own and operate this original brewing facility as our official headquarters and OG 15-barrel brewhouse. Now 13 years and running, this original brewing system still consistently churns out a diverse set of ales, lagers, funky beers, and small batch canning series (you heard it here first). Keep your eyes peeled for these wicked formulations; they are legit.

So how did the expansion happen? We never sold out, and kept it real by purchasing and/or recycling old brewing systems that were underutilized. The OG sauce we were brewing back in the day made a name for itself and by 2010 we were at full capacity. We started to brew beers in Wilkes-Barre, PA, and then started a regular rotation of cask beer production in Southwold, United Kingdom. Finally, in 2014, we launched a full range of awesome ales and lagers coming out of Memphis, TN. These beers are 100% sourced by our in-house team, and we go so far as to head out to farms to select specific plots of only the dankest cones. By owning the process from ingredient sourcing to formulation to brewing to fermentation and packaging, we have maintained the level of control of our beer without forfeiting our independence. The proof is in the liquid.

Where will the Sixpoint Brewers roam in the future? Stay tuned… it might be a spot near you.