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June 26, 2014

Every project has its cycle. At Sixpoint, the seasonal program has evolved.
Last fall, Sixpoint Founder Shane Welch brewed an experiment in his garage. As the team grabbed pint after pint from his kegerator, eyebrows were raised. It was something new for the winter—toasty and a touch sweet, brazenly hoppy, and definitely not just a sipper. As the pints disappeared, it became increasingly obvious that this beer deserved to be shared with our fans. That beer became Global Warmer.

Then came the questions. Where would it fit in a seasonal program? What about the formulations that were already being produced? We started to question the seasonal program in its entirety. Why anchor creativity, why chain formulation to industry deadlines? Why not build from our passions, and continue to create new liquids to complement them?

Enter Cycliquids, a new form of beer releases that flows naturally from the Sixpoint method of improvisation and formulation.


Mad Science is free form, lively and ever shifting. Seasonal programs, however, can become formulaic, their schedules riddled with Season Creep (a regrettable phenomenon that spawns spritzy wheat beers in early March, pumpkin beers in June and spiced sippers come late September). Formulations evolve unpredictably… releasing them in set intervals seems unnecessarily prescriptive. The Mad Science of Cycliquids changes all that– takes into the account the seasons, culls from knowledge and acts when the time is right. But we must remember, Mad Science is not quackery. What’s the difference between bad science and Mad Science? A quack makes bombastic claims and false promises—a Mad Scientist grounds his or her formulations in knowledge of the physical world, and lets the liquid speak for itself.

We kicked off the series by releasing RAD, a wholly unique twist on the radler, and our next new formulation isn’t far away. Cycliquids… Sixpoint’s new cycle of creativity.


Our next Cycliquid springs from a gratuitous bolt of inspiration.