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May 11, 2017

Sixpoint has undergone many significant evolutions since inception in 2004, but May 2017 is the biggest one yet. This isn’t a new beer — it’s a top down improvement of the whole lineup. We’ve been slowly dialing in these formulations over the past three years… now get ready for the rawest, juiciest, and most modern iterations of our core beers blasted everywhere Sixpoint is available in both cans and draft. We’ve improved our ingredient sourcing, tweaked recipes to reflect changing palates, and are now ready to release our beers unfiltered, like drinking right from the tanks. This is going to be epic.


At Sixpoint, brewing is an iterative process. Every batch involves tweaking to get the beers exactly where we want them. Sometimes, though, it’s time for a slightly bigger leap. **If this makes you nervous that your favorite beers are going to change, just remember: if we hadn’t been constantly working to improve these beers, they wouldn’t be the beers as you know them.** We’ve made a few key changes to SWEET ACTION, and now denote it as a Blonde Ale. BENGALI was also tweaked, and we dialed in THE CRISP and RESIN at the same time.


You can think of SWEET ACTION Blonde as a cleaner take on SWEET ACTION, with a massive focus on the juice. The addition of Huell Melon hops, a new and super legit strain, plus the unfiltered nature of the beer give you an amazing hop aroma that you’ll still recognize as distinctly SWEET ACTION. It’s got aspects of a blonde ale, a wheat beer, and a juicy pale ale.


With BENGALI, we tweaked the hop character, and incorporated some new hop strains we’ve just recently acquired, to seriously dial in that citrusy-tropical aroma. Then we smoothed out the texture with oats, and dried out the malt body to let the hops take full control. This thing is all about huge tropical character up front, and a clean, dry finish.


Over the last three years we’ve cultivated relationships with hop farmers, traveling directly out to the fields to get our ingredients. What does this mean for you? We choose from the best plots to get the juiciest cones, have access to new ingredients, and can collaborate with farmers on the perfect harvest times. We’ve even dedicated a small-batch IPA series to the farms.

We went to Germany for this one. When it comes to German hops, American breweries are often left with the scraps (we call that the “hop sausage.”) So we go straight to the source to get the prime cuts. For the first time, the Tettnanger and Hallertau hops in THE CRISP are sourced 100% directly from farmers in Tettnang, Germany — now that bright, floral aroma on this dialed in Pilz comes absolutely flying out of the glass.


Filtration was cramping our style. When you send beers across the country, stability is key, so for a few years we filtered our main offerings. Officially with the May relaunch, however, our supply chain and brewing processes are dialed in; it’s time to experience Sixpoint beer the way it was when we started in 2004 — unfiltered, raw, and juicy as all hell.

We’re committed to a ridiculous premium on freshness that helps make this all possible. Check the new code dating.

This dank dive into the hop cone just got more potent — unfiltered RESIN is insane. The hop aroma coming off this thing is almost scary.

(Important note here: Unfiltered Resin is not Puff. It will still be centrifuged to be quite clear, unlike Puff which is hazy. Puff also has a different dry-hop blend and is stronger, at 9.8% ABV)

We’ve also now included both Canned On and Best By dates on our cans, and made a clear opening on the bottom of the package to let both be known. This draws attention to our brewing and distribution practices that work to ensure the beer is always fresh, and helps emphasize to fans that freshness is paramount. You can see the code dating through the bottom of the package… unofficially called “The Freshness Window.” 

The packaging updates reflect the dialed in liquid on the inside — that’s integrity of product. The main focus here was to highlight the info our customers want and clean up the embellishments. We hope you enjoy.